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Fountain County, IN USGenWeb Project


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---- NOTICE ---

This site is dependent upon transcribing efforts by a corps of volunteers. No one person can possibly "know it all" including the site manager. If you are using this site, please be aware we try to get data up within 10 days of submission, BUT often things change our priorities, like getting food, sleep and some time for our families..., SO if it takes a bit longer, be patient, it IS coming.

Volunteers are needed to transcribe data for this site. If you are interested in helping out please drop me a line: Karen Zach, County Coordinator.

PLEASE use the search engine, and compile the data on your family, be assured that there is a 99.99% possibility that every bit of data we have is UP on the website already, we try to keep caught up. IF your research in the resources available here fail to gain the information you are seeking, PLEASE do not ask us to look for it on the site. If you can't find it here, Please post a QUERY to The Mail List. You can join the Mail List by clicking this link, and just sending the email that pops up.Conversely, you may also use the Message board for this county, That also gets sent to the list automatically. The PURPOSE of the list is two-fold, spread data, and connect people.

Thanks! to Ed Moyer, who, for ten years maintained the Fountain County site, for this Project. It is with great thanks that we have been honored by his trust in taking it over, and we will still be working closely with Ed.

Thanks Ed. We will take good care of it.

Thanks also to Jeff Scism who has been amazing with his knowledge of html and computer info - greatly appreciated, Jeff.

Thanks to ALL my helpers.

You might also like to check out the: Family Fact Sheets

West Central Indiana Genealogy Research Library

 Fountain County Genealogy Society, Inc.

 405 North Mill Street

 PO Box 273

 Veedersburg, Indiana 47987-0273

Note: These folks are SUPER helpers :)

About this site: Please report any link problems to Karen Zach

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Places in Fountain County (this was here and I liked it here but it got too big & cumbersome for the opening page so enjoy). If you know of any not listed or can give me more info on one, please contact me - kz

In Memory and Honor of our past State Coordinators of INGenWeb:

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(and thanks to Judi Burns (Greene Co Coordinator) for the INGenWeb history lesson !



  • Note: The current additions for the month are on the bottom of this page -- If you click on the "What's" above, it will show you what we have put on the Fountain GenWeb site this year :)
  • Click above "What's" -- New -- to see the year review -- see bottom of page for what has been added this month :) ENJOY !!
  • Kingman Photo Album (it's growing big-time - thanks mainly to James Patton - ya' rock, kiddo)

  • Reed Family Pictures - thanks Jenny A - these are soooo nifty! -- right side, "Reed"

WHOOP WHOOOOO -- the Births, a project I began almost 10 years ago is FINALLY complete. I actually didn't know it wasn't done until I was doing some behind the scenes maintenance on pages and realized they were all finished but B & C so I finished those up -- Tom Hesler typed a large chunk, Glennis helped, I did 5-6 of the letters and hope I didn't leave anyone out. THANKS, thanks, thanks. Sooooo excited to have finally completed a project I thought was indeed done :(

BLOG-FACEBOOK pages relating to Fountain County - only three so far, but hoping to get LOTS MORE :)

BRICK WALL SECTION - Are ya' stuck on a name/date/place in our area? Well, check it
out if you have a brick wall in Fountain County
OR if you think you could help someone with a brick wall! Let me know how you like this
section PLEASE !! Or, the best bet --
register YOUR Brick Wall of Fountain :)


Who's Who -- Karen's version, anyway --
Just some nifty folks who lived/dwelled in Fountain County, Indiana


TOWNS (Places in Fountain County) -- although not new, this is a part of the site I'd REALLY like to work more on --

--PLEASE HELP FIND A TRULLINGER (Drollinger) family member who would want the original copy of this nifty picture -- click here - thanks so much to Shelley for not dumping the picture but trying to find it a home !!

FEATURED PHOTO --Kingman airport :) Yes, they did have one and thanks sooooo very much to James Patton for sending it my way :)


ENJOY :) Thanks to all my helpers - I have a FANTABULOUS bunch of contributors - it's awesome to see the site grow with their super help -- special thanks to my current two obit typists - Chris & Jack - thanks also to so many others - Walt, Beth, Cathy; Teresa; Tom, Lena -- greatly appreciated!


Click here to see what has been added this year so far, January +


WEEK 1 --

OBITUARIES -- Added: _8__. - names are: (8,269 obits to date) - Cronin; Corey; Douglas; Dotson; Doyle; Pearson

Added __ Links on a new page - Blogs-Facebook pages relating to Fountain County

BIRTHS _430_ - Names: Briner; Britt; Brooks; Brown; Bruce' Bryant; Buckles; Bullock; Bunch; Butts.....PROJECT IS FINALLY FINALLY COMPLETED -- yes :) Now, I'll have to come up with a new one - heehee

Added __ Biographies --- Names:: - (680 to date) -

TOWNS - __ - - 78 to date - LOVE MORE :)

PHOTOS : _17_Names include: -- added to new Kingman Town Photo Album (thanks to Richard York for the East End Service station (Cronkites); Ralph Rennick's Barber Shop and Ted's Texaco Station - also thanks to James Patton, we have now added some nifty old ones - Opera House; Highway 41 being built; Martha Jane Roberts Bales gas station about 1915 and two street photos 1910. -- Sackmire Ford; old hotel; old depot; old Methodist Church; building of the Post Office about 1912; Irl Tunin - Model T; Montelle Puckett - 41 years in grocery business retires (Kingman); Uncle Tommy Ratcliff hosts WWI returning Kingman soldiers; Show girls from Kingman in the Opera House

WWI/WWII : ___ -- - Names include:

MARRIAGES : _142__ = - - -- Names are: Reed; Brown; Brissey; Briner; Bruner; Bullock; Kiger



OBITUARIES -- Added _28__ -- Names are: -- Adkins; Arthur; Blacketer; Bonebrake; Branam; Drake; Mayhew; Mills; Moran; Nixon; O'Donnell; Patterson; Rayphole; Rich; Santrich; Swisher; Thomas; Watts (8.295 obituaries to date :)

PHOTOGRAPHERS -____- Added __

MARRIAGES : _20 __ -- (21,742 to date) - Gayle; Bonebrake; O'Donnell; Rennick; Rich

Added School -- ___

Added __2_ WWI/WWII registrations- - Youngblood

Added ___ TOWNS-- --

WEEK 3 --

OBITUARIES -- Added __ --Names -- -- C

Added WWI / WWII Registration Info -- ___ H

Added _____ Marriages -- H

Added ____ Births

PHOTOS - ___ _ --

TOWNS -- LOVE MORE :) - __ --

BIOGRAPHIES - __1__ = Linsville

Schools -- ___ probably lots more to go and NEED SOME PICTURES FOLKS :) Added

WEEK 4 --

Added -- ___ Marriages -- Names: B --

OBITUARIES -- Added:_12_ Names are: -- Dove; Downey; Draper; Drake; Drollinger; Duncan; Dukes; Durman; Duprey; Dunlap; Dunsmore; Diehl (8,308 obits to date)

WWI -- Added _10__Names are: Cuppy; Curry; Curtis; Cunningham; Crumly; Cuthbert

WWII -- Added ____ Names are: B

BIRTHS - Added _____ -- Names: B

PHOTOS - ____

Old Kingman Cookbook - _This is sooo nifty - thanks so much to the Minnicks for this one :)

TOWNS to date -- __



Try the Family Recipes

If you've not seen the Fountain County Genealogy Society's facility, you'll want to check out their website before visiting - great place for Fountain Co. genealogy researching and the people are
soooooooo helpful and nice :)

You might want to try this Fountain County Historical Markers -- thanks to Al Wolf for this link :)


CURRENT TYPISTS ARE: Beth; Jack; Cathy; Teresa & Walt - you five are so awesome !! And, our newest .... CHRIS :) Thanks each & every one of you!

PAST & PRESENT TYPISTS ARE: I thank you ALL SOOOO very much - as do my Fountain users. If I forgot someone, please let me know :)





















Bless you all !!!!! KZ & all our Fountain Co INGenWeb users


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